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Wh​at makes a hornist h​appy? AHAPPYHORN

Dents got you down? Have a fun idea to make your horn truly unique? Nothing satisfies us more at Jackalope Brassworks than sharing the joys of music by providing repair services, converted natural horns, custom work and quality brasswind refurbished instruments.

Susan Anderson got her start in brass instrument repair during her undergrad years at the University of North Texas. In 2012 she began Jackalope Brassworks as she was completing her Master's in horn performance at the University of Oregon in Eugene, OR. After several years of instrument repair work for music stores in Portland Susan is finally able to pursue Jackalope Brassworks full time.

Fixing an instrument so customer can make music again is one of the most rewarding occupations I can think of. I will work to accommodate any request, special need, or schedule to the utmost of my abilities in order to get you playing again.

We're pleased to get you playing!

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